Its Not About the Bike:
My Journey Back to Life
by Lance Armstrong

The life, struggles, and success of Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong was born September 18,1971.(Wikipedia) Lance is a world renouned athlete.
Known for winning the most Tour de France out of the Tour's History. Lance underwent an epic
battle for his life with cancer. He is the founder of the Lance Armstrong Foundation- a famous
organization that aids those who battle cancer. Lance had small precentages of survivial, but he
overcame all odds and was able to triumphantly return to the sport of cycling. He also gave way to
a very popular wristband, "LIVESTRONG bandds", which say LIVESTRONG. He is a hero to the
American public and a hero to those fighting cancer. He gives those struggling somthing else to fight
for and somthing else to live for, the life post-cancer. His many accomplishment make him a very
influential man.Therefore, I proudly did my project on Lance Armstrong.

Quote 1.
I opened my mouth, and closed it, and opened it again. “I have cancer,” I said
I started to cry.
And then, in that moment, it occurred to me: I might lose my life,
too. Not Just my sport.
I could lose my Life.(15)
This quote represents how Lance's
focus is on his career and not his basic
need to survive. He puts his job first
and everything else is a far second.
This quote also makes Lance Human.
Before all anyone saw was a immortal
man but, this quote changes perspectives.
Quote 2.
“Look,” I said. “Cycling for me was really a job.
It was very good to me. I did it for five or six years, lived
all over Europe did all the traveling. Now I have time to
spend with my friends and family, do the stuff I missed
doing my entire Childhood.”(171)
Quote two represents the hard work and
determination that Lance had to exert to
be a top class athlete. This quote also
gives Lance an opportunity to spend
time with his family.He uses good quotes
to illustrate his goal. In this case the goal
is family, rest, and relaxation.
Quote 3.
I said,” I’m not here to talk about riding again.
That’s not up for discussion.
I’m done, and I don’t care what you think about it.”
After Lance's experience he does not
want to return to the brutal sport of
cycling. It shows his hard headedness.
He doesn't want to do anything to take
away from his new life, but he eventually
finds the athelte and returns to be a hero.
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