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"Federer started playing tennis at the age of six.
He began participating in group lessons at the
age of nine and began weekly private coaching
when he was ten. He also played football until the
age of twelve when he decided to focus solely on
tennis. At fourteen, he became the national
champion of all groups in Switzerland and was
chosen to train at the Swiss National Tennis Center
in Ecublens. He joined the ITF junior tennis circuit
in July 1996. In 1998, his final year as a junior,
Federer won the junior Wimbledon title and the
prestigious year-ending Orange Bowl. He was
recognized as the ITF World Junior Tennis
champion of the year."

(Roger Federer)

  • Equaling Bj√∂rn Borg's open era record of five consecutive Wimbledon singles titles in 2007
  • Capturing the open era record of most consecutive US Open titles (five) in 2008
  • The only player in tennis history to have won 5 consecutive Grand Slam titles at two separate Grand Slam Events (Wimbledon 2003-2007 and US Open 2004-2008)
  • Ranked World #1 for a record of 237 consecutive weeks as of August 17, 2008, outlasting Jimmy Connors's record of 160 consecutive weeks as #1 men's player and Steffi Graf's record of 186 weeks as #1 singles player in the world

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"[In the modern game], you're a clay court specialist, a
grass court specialist or a hard court specialist ... or
you're Roger Federer."
- Jimmy Connors to the BBC, 2006

This is one of the most famous quote for Roger Federer. There is no doubt that Federer is the greatest grass court specialist in the world, but after beating Rafael Nadal, the king of clay court, on the clay court. Federer proved that he has not only the talent to play tennis well but he also has the ability to play on any kind of courts.

Quest for Perfection: The Roger Federer Story

"There's probably not a department in his game that couldn't be considered the best in that department. You watch him play Hewitt and everybody marvels at Hewitt's speed, as well as myself. And you start to realize, `Is it possible Federer even moves better?' Then you watch him play Andy [Roddick], and you go, `Andy has a big forehand. Is it possible Federer's forehand is the best in the game?' You watch him at the net, you watch him serve-volley somebody that doesn't return so well and you put him up there with the best in every department. You see him play from the ground against those that play from the ground for a living, and argue he does it better than anybody."
- Andre Agassi, 2005

"There's really nothing he can't do"
- Pete Sampras, 2007

"Roger can produce tennis shots that should be
declared illegal."
- Tracy Austin, 2004

Roger Federer is a great mover, and he is famous for his fast run and quick steps, but actually he is a player who can play every department perfectly and being considered to be the best in that department. He has the ability to hit incrateble shots and sometimes even considered to be creative.

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