David Beckham

Both Feet on the Ground

An Autobiography

by CS


David Robert Joseph Beckham is an English soccer player who currently plays for the soccer club LA Galaxy and the national team of England. He ran two times for soccer player of the year. He was 2 years the most searched sport person on geogle and was the best payed soccer player in 2004. He is a model for Armani and Dolce& Gabanna and has many other sponsors. He became a sex symbol for many woman and a fashion icon.
1992 was his debut in Manchester. He was just 17 years old. His time in Manchester was very successful: He won the Premiership 6 times and the Champions League one time in 1999. While playing for Manchester he became one of the most popular soccer player and was very famous for his free kicks and crosses. In 2003 he decided to play for Real Madrid. While he was playing in Madrid he became the only English player with 100 Champions League games. In 2007 he signed a five year contract with LA Galaxy.
Beckham is married to Ex- spicegirl Victoria and the couple has three sons. At the moment he is living in Beverly Hills, but he also has a house in Manchester and in Miland.


"My parents have been there for me, ever since I was about 7." ( 34)
For David the support of his parents is very important through his early carrier. David says that this support helped him to keep on going his way although it was hard for him and to finally reach his aim as becoming a professional soccer player.
"I love scoring goals for England and playing for England. That's one of the reasons I didn't retire-I love playing for my country." ( 250)
This quotation shows how he loves his country and how it is a very great pleasure for him to represent it as their captain. Although he lives in the USA now , England has always been the country he loves. Their is nothing higher in the career of a soccer player than to play for your country.
"One thing will not change -- we will be going out to win.” ( 321)

David Beckham might not have the best soccer skills ever seen, but has this will which makes him special. He wants to win every single match, even it is just for fun. This will was very important in his career and on his way to become a professional soccer player. That's why he is captain of the England national Team, because he has the will to win games and can " force" others to do the same.
"And time with the family made me remember that there are things that are more important than soccer. Victoria and Brooklyn and Romeo are the heartbeat my world turns to. Having them close to me, warm to how much they mean to me every single day, doesn't push my career to one side. The opposite." ( 437)
This quotations illustrates how important his family is for David. After all the trouble with soccer and the media, he needs to relax with his family. He enjoys every second with his children. Without his family it would be harder for him to live a "normal" live besides soccer. Family is the most important part of his life.
" I think Victoria and I were so happy to have found each other that we wouldn't have minded telling complete strangers about it. That's how it is, being in love: you want the whole world to know it." ( 100)
David Beckham found in Victoria the wife for his life. Though they don't see each other every day, they love each other very much. They help each other trough taff times with business and the family.
“I am always going to have problems with the paparazzi. I have had two men outside my house for the last two years, which is frightening at times, but that is my life unfortunately.” ( 364)
This quotation shows that the life as a superstar is not just beautiful. Beckham tells that it is impossible for him to go normal shopping or to just buy a drink without being recognized. This part is really annoying for him, because he wants to have a private life too. He thinks that especially the kids will suffer under this pressure.
This autobiography showed me how it is to life your dream and to be a celebrity. I was able to learn that the main aspect is to live your dream with all you have, because that is the only way to reach it. God doesn't give you a talent and everything will work out by itself.
I also learned that family support is really important. To have somebody that stands to you even when everything is going down and nobody seems to like you.I found it very interesting to read his book and to learn his way from a little boy to the most popular soccer player ever played.


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